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[Changyuan Textile Group] Talent Team Construction System


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[Changyuan Textile Group] Talent Team Construction System

(Summary description)In order to compete in the fierce competition, enterprises must seize the commanding heights of the market and seek rapid and sustainable development. Talents have become a key factor. In order to vigorously promote the strategy of strengthening the enterprise by talents, the company has established four major working systems.

[Changyuan Textile Group] Talent Team Construction System

(Summary description)In order to compete in the fierce competition, enterprises must seize the commanding heights of the market and seek rapid and sustainable development. Talents have become a key factor. In order to vigorously promote the strategy of strengthening the enterprise by talents, the company has established four major working systems.

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In order to compete in the fierce competition, enterprises must seize the commanding heights of the market and seek rapid and sustainable development. Talents have become a key factor. In order to vigorously promote the strategy of strengthening the enterprise by talents, the company has established four major working systems.

First, establish a scientific introduction and cultivation system, comprehensively optimize the structure of the talent team, and combine the introduction and cultivation of talents with the actual production and development of enterprises, from heavy to heavy and heavy. The company pays attention to cultivating four hierarchical teams, namely: a high-level decision-making team with strategic vision, strategizing and mastering the overall situation; a team that implements the company's high-level decision-making and understands production and management; a dedicated, solid foundation, able to grasp and constantly A team of production management personnel enriching the core technology of the enterprise; a team of skilled workers who are multi-disciplinary and skilled in various operational skills.

In the cultivation of talents, we first classify and train the different characteristics and growth rules of various types of talents so that the talents can do their best. Secondly, through the study of paid study, internal training, training with teachers, post training, and self-study, accelerate the cultivation of talents. The third is to speed up the adjustment of talent structure, optimize the allocation of talent resources, promote the rational distribution of talents, and give full play to the overall functions of talents. The fourth is to put high-level talent team training in an important position, to improve the ability to innovate and modern management level as the core to accelerate the cultivation of high-level talents, and effectively prevent the loss of high-level talents. In the introduction of talents, we must take the role of attracting, discovering and exerting talents as a foothold, and form an environment and atmosphere that respects knowledge and respects talents in enterprises. It is necessary to attract all kinds of talents to join in multiple channels and at multiple levels, especially the introduction of high-level, high-skilled and high-quality compound talents, increase the reserve of technical strength, build talented highland as soon as possible, and lay a human resource foundation for the sustainable development of enterprises. It is necessary to be able to introduce high-level talents, to stay, and to use them well. At the same time, it is necessary to establish and improve the introduction mechanism of college graduates. If you have the knowledge, the skills, the creative work, and the contribution to the construction and development of the enterprise, you must discover, select and cultivate.

Second, the establishment of a reasonable employment system, the creation of a good environment for the growth of talents, the vitality of the talent depends on the mechanism and the environment. Enterprises must create a good atmosphere conducive to the healthy growth of outstanding talents. Specifically, the first is to create a new environment where talent is worthwhile. Vigorously improve the living and working conditions of talents, implement high-intensity incentives, and attach great importance to solving the problem of talent treatment. Establish a competitive compensation system that doubles the ability wages or benefits wages to the base salary. Encourage talents to boldly innovate, pursue new technologies, and create high efficiency. Implement a special allocation and reward method for outstanding talents, stabilize key talent teams, implement tangible measures, and solve their worries. In terms of talent incentives and safeguards, we must focus on the principle of doing what we can and taking into account the general principles. Appropriately open up the income gap between special talents and special talents with special skills and ordinary employees, which means that more people can work harder and more energy. Got it. The second is to create a new environment for business to retain people. This includes providing sufficient talents for talents, building an advanced corporate culture, and supporting talents with firm beliefs. Business leaders should focus on the overall situation of enterprise development, be a guide, be a paving stone, and be a mentor for talent achievement. The third is to create a new environment for feelings and people. Enterprise leaders should focus on the stable talent team as the focus of their work, strengthen communication with the talent team, build up emotional bridges, condense emotional bonds, and be the intimate people of the vast number of talents, creating a good environment for people to care.

Third, establish a performance appraisal system, strengthen incentives for talents, improve the employment mechanism with market mechanism as the core, must focus on deepening the competition mechanism, incentive mechanism and restraint mechanism of talent use, and enhance the concept of talents having the status of being talented. According to the actual situation of the enterprise, it is necessary to formulate a perfect performance appraisal system, and combine qualitative assessment with quantitative assessment. At the same time, it is necessary to combine the employment system of enterprises, establish an effective promotion, promotion system and flexible incentive mechanism, embody the principles of fairness and justice, and make incentives and promotions play their due role. The assessment system must comprehensively analyze the characteristics of talent behavior and work outcomes. Performance appraisal must pay attention to the requirements of “fair, open and recognized”. The evaluation criteria should be unified in nature, but a specific evaluation project must be designed for different positions and work. A reasonable and relatively stable system and standardized operational procedures must be established in order for performance management to continue to be effective. On the basis of performance appraisal, establish a database of enterprise talents to provide a basis for the cultivation and use of talents. Through the establishment of a scientific employee compensation system and performance appraisal system, the company's unique talent incentive mechanism is formed.

Fourth, the establishment of a talent integration system to enhance the development and utilization of the team's comprehensive competitiveness of talent resources, in the final analysis for the development of the enterprise, is to enhance the overall competitiveness of the enterprise team. Therefore, we must form the synergy of the talent team while exerting the individual effectiveness of the talents, so that we can complement each other. To this end, we must promote teamwork, do a good job of organic matching of talents, and form a joint effort.

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