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Changyuan Textile 2016 Quality Credit Report


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Changyuan Textile 2016 Quality Credit Report

(Summary description)Changle City, Fujian Province, Changyuan Textile Co., Ltd. 2016 Quality Credit Report

Changyuan Textile 2016 Quality Credit Report

(Summary description)Changle City, Fujian Province, Changyuan Textile Co., Ltd. 2016 Quality Credit Report

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Changle City, Fujian Province, Changyuan Textile Co., Ltd.

2016 Quality Credit Report

July, 2017

table of Contents

Chapter 1 Preface

Chapter II Introduction

Chapter III Enterprise Quality Concept

Chapter IV Internal Quality Management

Section 1 Quality Management Organization

Section II Quality Management System

Chapter V Enterprise Quality Integrity

Section 1 Quality Credit Management

Section 2 Quality Culture Construction

Chapter VI Company Quality Foundation

Section 1 Product Standards

Section 2 Company Measurement Level

Section III Safety Management of Special Equipment

Chapter VII Product Quality Responsibility

Section 1 Product Quality Commitment

Section 2 Product recall

Section III Three Guarantees

Section 4 Quality Award

Chapter VIII Quality Risk Management

Section 1 Quality Complaint Management

Section II Quality Risk Monitoring

Section III Emergency Management

Chapter IX Report Conclusion

Chapter 1 Preface

This report is a programmatic document of the company's corporate quality and credit guarantee. Focusing on quality and customer-centered is the guideline for guiding the establishment and implementation of the company's quality and integrity management system. This report is an independent document prepared by the company. Applicable to all the process links involved in the production and operation of the company. It is issued once a year after approval and approval. All departments and all employees must conscientiously study and implement the relevant contents in the “Enterprise Quality Credit Report” and abide by the product quality responsibility and Commitment to quality integrity, and continuous improvement and improvement, to ensure that the requirements and goals of corporate quality and integrity are achieved, so that users are satisfied.

Report organization scope: Changle City, Fujian Province, Changyuan Textile Co., Ltd.

Reporting time range: January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016

Report release cycle: annual report

Report data: The data of this report comes from Fujian Changle Changyuan Textile Co., Ltd.

Report acquisition form: This report is published on the company's website as an electronic document.

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July 3, 2017

Chapter II Introduction

Founded in 2006, Changle Changyuan Textile Co., Ltd. is a modern large-scale private enterprise that produces and sells a variety of fiber-spun and blended yarns. The company is located in the Hunan area of ​​Fuzhou (Changle) Airport Industrial Concentration Zone. It covers an area of ​​500 mu, with a registered capital of 425 million yuan, total assets of 2.8 billion yuan and a production capacity of 600,000 spindles. It is a leading textile enterprise in Changle and a spinning production enterprise in Fujian Province. Since 2009, the company has been listed as “100 Key Industrial Enterprises in Fujian Province” for successive years, and has successively won “High-tech Enterprises”, “Innovative Pilot Enterprises in Fujian Province”, “Key Venture Enterprises in Fujian Province” and “Fujian” The province's information technology and industrialization deep integration demonstration enterprises, Fujian Province Enterprise Engineering Technology Research Center and other scientific and technological enterprises honorary title. In 2012, the company won the “National Textile Industry Quality Award” in the textile industry quality field.

Changyuan Company currently produces a wide range of medium and high-grade knitting yarns, such as multi-functional, differentiated viscose, polyester, polyester-cotton, cotton-polyester, etc. The quality of the products has been checked by the Fujian Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision and the Fujian Provincial Fiber Inspection Bureau. The product superior product rate is as high as 98% or more. The company's "Shiguang" brand registered trademark won the "Fuzhou Famous Trademark" and "Fujian Famous Trademark", the company's products won "Fujian Famous Brand Products", "China Cotton Textile Industry's Most Influential Brand Products", and "China Cotton Textiles" Industry, China's knitting industry trustworthy products and other products, such as provincial and ministerial-level brand-name products. The products are mainly sold to developed coastal areas such as Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, as well as foreign markets such as Egypt and Brazil. Due to the overlapping of product quality, brand effect and marketing services, the products are well received by local customers and enjoy high market reputation and added value.

Since 2010, Changyuan has been ranked among the top three major economic benefit indicators in the national cotton textile chemical fiber and spun yarn industry for three consecutive years.

Chapter III Enterprise Quality Concept

The company establishes a quality self-discipline mechanism based on the "Product Quality Law of the People's Republic of China", "The Consumer Protection Law of the People's Republic of China", "Standardization Law", "Metrics Law", etc. according to the actual conditions and requirements of the company. Quality credit management system, adhering to a strong sense of competition, conscious law-abiding concept, solid professional knowledge, collaborative team spirit and firmly establish the "quality first, integrity-based" business philosophy, always adhere to science and technology as the guide, quality Survival, committed to demonstrating the ability to consistently provide products that meet customer and applicable legal and regulatory requirements, and enhance customer satisfaction through the effectiveness of quality/environment/occupational health and safety management systems, especially through continuous improvement of the system To achieve environmental protection, control occupational health and safety risks, and ensure compliance with customers, employees, relevant parties and applicable laws and regulations.

Chapter IV Internal Quality Management

Section 1 Quality Management Organization

1. The company sets up the quality management organization directly under the leadership of the general manager - the quality management department, the top management should commit to and implement the quality of the activities; determine the quality policy and objectives; plan to achieve the goals; clear responsibilities, authority and communication methods; The quality management system is reviewed at planned intervals.

2. The Quality Management Department is responsible for the development and implementation of quality activities such as quality planning, quality management, quality control, quality improvement and inspection and testing.

3. Company quality management organization

The company's quality management implements a four-level management system of general manager, quality management department, workshop and team.

(1) General Manager

Responsible for the establishment, operation and implementation of the company's quality management system, the implementation of the country's laws and regulations, guidelines and policies, responsible for the entire company; comprehensive responsibility for the production and operation of the company, responsible for the quality of the company's products.

Presided over the formulation of the company's long-term development plan and annual production and operation plan, organization and preparation, reviewing the company's various rules and regulations; responsible for the establishment and maintenance of the quality system.

Responsible for the organization, adjustment and responsibilities of the company's organization, the distribution of authority, the company's employees' rewards and punishments, and the full resources according to the company's development needs.

(2) Quality Management Department

Supervise, inspect, organize, and coordinate quality management.

The finished yarn is factory tested.

Intangible assets such as trademarks are managed, and the number of trademarks and labels used for ordering is ordered.

Internal and external quality information transfer.

Carry out mass quality management activities; carry out quality publicity and education activities, strengthen the quality awareness of employees, and establish a sound quality assurance system.

Regular quality work meetings are held to analyze and study the quality problems that arise within the company or in the quality operation system, and to propose and correct preventive measures.

Responsible for the company's quality measurement management, management of laboratory testing and experimental equipment, and identification of "strong inspection" and "fixed inspection" equipment according to regulations.

Develop a quality management system.

(3) Workshops and teams

Responsible for the implementation of the quality policy objectives, establish and improve the specific quality management system, ensure the effective operation of the quality system, ensure that raw materials meet the quality requirements, and apply for approval.

4. Quality responsibilities and authorities

According to the regulations, the company has clearly stated that the general manager has the primary responsibility for the quality and safety of the company's products, and the chief quality officer is directly responsible for the quality and safety of the products. The Quality Manual was issued by the general manager, and the person in charge of the quality organization was appointed and appointed, and the quality duties and authority of the general manager, deputy general manager and relevant departments were stipulated.

The general manager is responsible for implementing relevant national laws and regulations, establishing and perfecting the quality and safety responsibility system at all levels, appointing and authorizing the chief quality officer, setting up a product quality management organization, and providing full-time quality management personnel and related equipment resources to ensure quality activities funds.

The Chief Quality Officer is responsible for organizing the supervision and inspection of the implementation of the quality and safety responsibility system of each position of the enterprise, ensuring the establishment and effective implementation of the quality management system, and responsible for deploying the inspection and inspection of raw materials, production processes and factory inspections, and the quality of the enterprise. Legal liability for a safety accident or serious social impact.

The quality management department organizes the verification and confirmation of product quality and safety, and is responsible for correcting and preventing the quality and safety hazards and supervising the implementation effect. It is responsible for the quality control of each production position and product development position, and is responsible for the collection and statistics of daily quality data.

Section II Quality Management System

1. Establishment of quality management system

The company adheres to the principle of "quality is the life of the company" and attaches importance to the management of quality system.

In 2011, the company passed the GB/T24001-2004/ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification and GB/T19001-2008/ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification. In 2013, it passed the GB/T28001-2001 occupational health and safety management system certification. The company regularly accepts the review of the certification company to check the effectiveness of the system.

2. Operation of the quality management system

The quality policy is the purpose of quality management. The company adheres to the quality management policy of “integrity and compliance, customer-oriented, effective control, continuous improvement” and carries out quality management work. Each year, a regular management review meeting is used to review the suitability and effectiveness of the quality policy to ensure the effectiveness of the policy.

The quality goal is the basis of quality management. Each year, the company personally presides over the formulation of the “Annual Company Quality Objectives” and decomposes and implements the overall objectives to ensure that the quality objectives can be decomposed into each responsible department. The quality control department holds a quality analysis meeting every month to monitor the achievement of quality objectives. If the quality objectives are not met, the responsible department is required to analyze the reasons, take corrective and preventive measures, and adopt a series of measures to improve the quality of the products.

The continuous increase in quantity ensures the smooth realization of quality objectives.

The company attaches great importance to the education and training of talents, and has reached the employee training intentions with universities and research institutes such as Donghua University, Xi'an Engineering University and China Textile Science Research Institute. The Ministry of Human Resources has formulated the "Employee Training Program of the Year". Employing teachers, going out for training, internal training, etc., and training the employees in a planned manner. After the training, the training department organizes human resources, quality inspection and other departments to conduct evaluation of training effectiveness, and establishes “Employee Training Archives” as a personnel assessment. The basis for selection is to improve the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of employees.

In terms of quality management, the Quality Management Department has compiled quality management systems such as “Quality Management Plan for New Product Development Process”, “Quality Management Plan for Suppliers” and “Implementation Rules for Quality Management”. And in strict accordance with the implementation and assessment of the system, through a series of institutional guarantees, quality management is deeply rooted in the hearts of every employee.

In order to ensure the effectiveness of the quality management system, the company conducts two internal audits of the quality management system, one system external audit, one management review, and the audit. The non-conformities and improvement items are found by the audit department. The form informs the responsible department that the responsible department analyzes the cause, takes corrective and preventive measures, and passes the system audit to ensure that the quality management system is effectively implemented, maintained and improved.

Chapter V Enterprise Quality Integrity

Section 1 Quality Credit Management

1. Quality integrity management operation

The company has consistently adhered to the integrity of management, in the production and operation of various activities, the principle of customer focus, and won the title of honest and trustworthy demonstration unit. In the process of product development and manufacturing, the technical center identifies the requirements of customers and the requirements of laws and regulations as well as the potential requirements for quality and safety. The design is strictly in accordance with the standards. The manufacturing department carries out materials, production, inspection and acceptance according to the standards to meet the requirements of customers. In the procurement process, the Purchasing Department strictly controls the procurement channels, establishes the “Qualified Supplier List”, and regards the supplier integrity investigation as one of the conditions for confirming the qualified suppliers. At the same time, it signs a quality assurance agreement with the supplier to ensure the raw materials and parts. Once the quality of the goods arrives, it will meet the quality and integrity supply, and sign the environmental protection commitment not to use environmentally harmful substances to meet the company's commitment to customers. Organize monthly customer satisfaction surveys to keep abreast of customer needs and expectations for product and service quality. Customer Service Department is responsible for customer return visits, communication, complaints and handling, ensuring customer satisfaction, feedback, and communicating customer information, reflecting the company's quality and integrity. Business conditions.

In the process of product realization, the relevant departments timely communicate with relevant parties, establish environmental information exchange channels under emergency, collect, process and respond to relevant party information, so that all relevant parties can understand the company's quality and integrity objectives. And indicators to deal with and record important sham, counterfeit, and forged information in a timely manner. The company communicates through quality management, quality integrity requirements, objectives and completion, and effectiveness of implementation in different departments and positions, through document delivery, office meetings, coordination meetings, training and education, and information briefing. To achieve mutual understanding, mutual trust, and the effect of full participation.

2. Quality integrity goals and targets:

Product pass rate


Major quality accident rate

0 times

Major environmental safety accident rate

0 times

Information processing rate


Customer satisfaction

90 points or more

Section 2 Quality Culture Construction

The company focuses on quality responsibility and quality integrity, carries out quality integrity awareness and quality legal awareness education and training, conscientiously implements the spirit of quality and integrity, combines the company's annual quality work priorities, develops an annual training and publicity plan, determines the theme, defines the form, scope, etc. The content carries out special activities and promotes the construction of corporate quality culture through activities such as knowledge training, legal lectures, technical consultation, and corporate integrity culture exchanges.

Mainly in the quality and integrity awareness:

The first is to build a corporate culture system with the concept of integrity. The company regards honesty construction as the central link of corporate culture construction, and puts forward the moral creed of “ruling by virtue, honesty and observance”, and advocates the corporate style of “having talents and talents, and having talents”. Corporate culture and other corporate values ​​such as “innovation and win-win dedication”.

The second is to focus on the publicity and education of traditional moral culture, focusing on enhancing the sense of integrity. The company regards ethics as the foundation, emphasizes quality as life, insists on strengthening moral construction, builds a platform of integrity, and creates a loyal workforce. Make full use of the morning meeting, the newspaper publicity column, corporate documents, internal network and other forms and public media to widely publicize the regulations, regulations and advanced models of moral construction, publicize the development concept of enterprises and the guiding ideology of civilized construction, and create a strong atmosphere of gratitude. Advocate employees to become useful people and loyal enterprises; firmly establish the "quality first, integrity-based"

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