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Walk into the green factory

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Walk into the green factory

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         On November 27, 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the China Federation of Industrial Economics jointly announced the "Fourth Batch of Manufacturing Individual Champion Demonstration Enterprises". Fujian Changyuan Textile Co., Ltd. was listed among them. China Industry News published on January 10, 2020 Zheng Yongguang, the chairman of this company, led all employees to be down-to-earth, conscientious, hardworking and innovative, step by step, bravely climbing the peak of the non-cotton yarn (chemical staple fiber yarn and cotton blended yarn) industry. In the field of green manufacturing, this company has also achieved gratifying results, becoming the "fifth batch of (national) green factories" announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on October 16, 2020. In order to promote the demonstration role of green manufacturing, the author once again explored this company. The company continues to pursue excellence.

          Changyuan Textile is located in Changle Airport Economic Zone, Fuzhou New District, Fujian Province. When I came to the company, the first thing I saw was the large-scale LED "Changyuan Textile" brand logo, the musical fountain in front of the company building square, the rock waterfall, the small bridge and the flowing water. Plants of flowers and green plants complement each other, and you seem to come to a scenic garden with fresh air and pleasant scenery. Obviously, the company's overall environment has undergone careful environmental protection planning and greening maintenance. We are walking along the wide and clean factory road, on both sides of the road are planted with uniform umbrella-shaped banyan trees. Between the living area and the production area, the road in the production area and the workshops are long and orderly green belts, dotted with a variety of subtropical native plants. In such an environment, people and factories, factories and greening are integrated. We walked into the production workshop with the "Green Manufacturing Demonstration Workshop" brand, and it was bright in front of us. Hundreds of spinning equipment were arranged in the workshop in a staggered manner according to the technical process. The top floor of the workshop stood with an industrial 5G network base station. Changyuan Textile Green Manufacturing provides network technical services with the characteristics of ultra-high network speed, ultra-low latency, and ultra-large connection. The computer screen in the main control room of the production workshop flips integrated data such as variety, output, quality, and energy consumption. The ground AGV automatic navigation fleet intersects to form the internal logistics of the workshop, continuously transporting semi-finished products in the production process, and accurately docking between the spinning processes. With the high-speed rotation of the spinning frame spindle, the roving roll is magically drawn into a silky white yarn. The winding machine automatically winds the spun yarn into a cheese product. The automatic packaging machine manipulator can easily and efficiently complete the cheese. Product packaging operations..., the traditional concept of the textile industry's "thousands of yarns, tens of thousands of cloths" intensive labor and the dirty and messy production environment of cotton fiber flying all over the sky has been completely subverted, and the green manufacturing textile production line has shown automation , Information, data, and intelligent application scenarios. Moreover, the air, ground and machines of the workshop are neat and clean, which is impressive.


          In recent years, Changyuan Textile has firmly established and practiced the concept that green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains, insisting on starting from the harmlessness of raw materials, and continuing to promote the iterative upgrade of main products and green and sustainable development. Changyuan Technology R&D Center, in accordance with the requirements of the national "Green Factory Evaluation Guidelines" (GB/T 36132-2018) and "Eco-Design Product Evaluation Guidelines" (GB/T 32161-2015), with a full life cycle concept, In the design and development stage, the system considers the impact of textile raw material selection, production, sales, use, recycling, processing, degradation and other links on the resources and environment, and strives to reduce resource consumption to the greatest extent and use as little as possible in the whole life cycle of the product. Or eliminate the use of raw materials containing toxic and harmful substances to reduce the generation and discharge of pollutants. Changyuan Textile selects the domestically produced Lyocell new environmentally friendly fiber as the main raw material. Through the innovative technology of compact Siro spinning, the "Lyocell spun yarn-functional green environmental protection series product" is processed and produced by Uster Corporation. The textile quality inspection agency, the National Textile and Apparel Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and the Fujian Fiber Inspection Center have tested various technical quality indicators showing the characteristics of high-quality yarn products, with even CV value, thick knots, good detail indicators, and single yarn High strength, compact structure, good abrasion resistance, and less hairiness. The fabric made by weaving, dyeing and finishing processes has the comfort of cotton, the strength of polyester, the luxurious beauty of wool fabric and the high-end silk fabric. Smooth and skin-friendly quality, the product has won the "China Cotton Textile Industry High Quality Yarn Dyed Fabric Award", "China Textile Industry Product Development Contribution Award", "The Sixth China Top Ten Textile Technology Application Demonstration Award" and "2020/ National industry awards such as "2021 China Yarn Trending Products". These achievements are due to the preferential application of the domestically produced lyocell new environmentally friendly fiber. This new environmentally friendly fiber is made of wood pulp, bamboo pulp, reed pulp and other natural lignin pulp as raw materials. A green regenerated cellulose fiber produced by morpholine oxide solvent spinning method, the solvent medium recovery rate can reach 99.5% during the production process, basically no harmful substances are discharged, no pollution to the environment, and it is made into yarns and fabrics. After the whole process of application of the end product, it can be completely degraded and returned to nature through light and oxidation. The whole process forms a closed cycle, from the harmlessness of raw materials to the protection of the environment throughout the product life cycle. The "Key Technologies for Design and Manufacturing of All-Climate Thermal and Wet Comfortable Yarns" developed by blending domestically produced Lyocell new environmentally friendly fibers with other high-quality fibers won the second prize of China Textile Science and Technology Progress Award.

           Energy conservation and emission reduction are the core link in the establishment and operation of green factories. Shi Songwei, a senior engineer of the company, said that in recent years, Changyuan Textile has introduced advanced high-efficiency and low-energy spinning equipment at home and abroad for the construction of new projects. Adhere to the promotion of energy-saving and emission-reduction technology transformation and upgrading in all aspects, and have achieved obvious results: energy-saving technology transformation of production process lighting, winter heat preservation, and summer heat dissipation in production workshops, and obtained national utility model patent authorization for energy-saving textile plants; spinning engineering The main energy-consuming equipment implements the technical transformation of frequency conversion and speed regulation; the energy-saving fan transformation of more than 1,000 spinning frames and nearly 200 roving frames; the construction of an MES production execution system based on PROFIBUS industrial bus technology to realize the energy consumption monitoring of a single machine Management; transformation of fuel car operation into clean energy electric car operation; construction of a waste heat recovery system during spinning production, which converts waste heat from the production process into a 24-hour uninterrupted domestic hot water supply in the living area through the heat recovery device; spinning production process fiber Recycling of flying flowers and leftovers from yarn ends and yarn ends reduces emissions and turns waste into treasure.

            In terms of green manufacturing and green factory construction, Changyuan Textile has carried out a large number of practices and vigorously promoted in accordance with the standard requirements of "intensification of land use, harmless raw materials, clean production, waste recycling, and low-carbon energy". It is often said that any effective work must be a “top leader” project. For this reason, we listened to the statement of Chairman Zheng Yongguang, the leader of Changyuan Textile: The so-called “top leader” project actually requires the “top leader” to attach great importance to peace Serious promotion, the construction of a green factory is inseparable from the active participation and teamwork of all cadres and employees of the enterprise. Although we have won the title and honor of the national green factory, we must not ship to the dock and car to the station. Green manufacturing and green factories are the guarantee for the sustainable development and high-quality development of the company. The construction and operation of the green factory of Changyuan Textile, A long way to go, always on the road.


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