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Single champion boosts the high-quality development of Fuzhou's manufacturing industry

n recent years, Fuzhou has adhered to the strategy of “supporting large leaders, cultivating large clusters, and developing large industries”, aiming at the development direction of strategic emerging industries, and focusing on companies with strength and potential in subdivisions in technological transformation, financing, and R&D. Supported by many other parties, actively building a leading enterprise cluster represented by "single champions", and achieved fruitful results.

Igniting a digital engine for high-quality development Digital Fuzhou construction sets off a new round of upsurge

During his inspection in Fujian, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that it is necessary to adhere to the system concept, identify the positioning in the service and integration of the new development pattern, optimize and upgrade the industrial structure, and accelerate the promotion of digital industrialization and industrial digitization.

Xi Jinping's investigation and investigation in Fuzhou

On the afternoon of March 24, General Secretary Xi Jinping, who was investigating and investigating in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, successively came to Suburban Fudao, Sanfang Qixiang Historical and Cultural District, Fujian Fuguang Co., Ltd. to learn about urban planning and construction, historical and cultural block protection, and corporate Innovation and development, etc.

How to reduce the unevenness of combed strips?

Reasonably adjust the parameters of the separation roller timing, the closing time of the nipper plate, the positioning of the cylinder, adjust the pressure of the separation rubber roller and the draft rubber roller, and reasonably configure the width of the separator between the separation rollers (new comber) The width of the cotton collector is adjustable) to improve the quality of the separation joint.

Pakistani cotton yarn export prices are stable, strong demand in China

In the past week, demand for cotton yarn in Pakistan has remained sluggish and prices have continued to fall. This is because the new tax system has brought many problems and the export of cotton yarn to Europe has declined. China’s order recovery has not been saved.
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