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How to reduce the unevenness of combed strips?

Reasonably adjust the parameters of the separation roller timing, the closing time of the nipper plate, the positioning of the cylinder, adjust the pressure of the separation rubber roller and the draft rubber roller, and reasonably configure the width of the separator between the separation rollers (new comber) The width of the cotton collector is adjustable) to improve the quality of the separation joint.

Pakistani cotton yarn export prices are stable, strong demand in China

In the past week, demand for cotton yarn in Pakistan has remained sluggish and prices have continued to fall. This is because the new tax system has brought many problems and the export of cotton yarn to Europe has declined. China’s order recovery has not been saved.

Exhibitors have sufficient “supply”, downstream demand has “rigidity” and platform has power – 2019 autumn and winter yarn exhibition opens in September

As the upstream technology-intensive industrial segment of the textile industry chain, the fiber yarn industry is the source of functional, fashionable and sustainable (green) textile end products.

Causes and solutions for the effect of self-winding yarn on warping

The indicator for the examination of warping breaks is “the number of broken ends of 100 million meters”, that is, the number of broken ends of a warp yarn within a length of one million meters. Due to the different fabric structure, the winding is interrupted during the unwinding process on the warping machine. When the head is particularly long, it not only affects the efficiency of the warping machine, but also increases the workload of the driver. It also increases the fabric defects and adversely affects the fabric. As a spinning mill, the order may be lost.

China's textile industry continues to grow in foreign investment

As China's processing and manufacturing costs continue to increase, the transfer of international textile industry investment and international purchase orders to other developing countries and regions is an inevitable development trend. The textile processing capacity of the developed countries and regions in the United States, Europe, Japan and South Korea in Southeast Asia has also seen a rapid growth trend in recent years.

Not the same 2019 worthy of the cotton industry expectation

In March, the relevant national policy news is frequent, and the development of the cotton spinning industry may have new changes. The following will be a brief analysis from the recent hot spots.
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