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2023yarnexpo China International Yarn Autumn and Winter Exhibition ended successfully - Changyuan Textile harvest

From August 28 to 30, the three-day 2023yarnexpo autumn and winter yarn exhibition, hand in hand with the surface accessories exhibition, clothing exhibition and knitting exhibition, four exhibition linkage, dressed up. Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center has become the focus of global textile people and textile consumers.

Changyuan Textile's brand value of 3.330 billion yuan was listed in the "2021 China Brand Value Release"-No. 19 in the National Textile, Apparel, Footwear and Hat Brand List

On the occasion of the fifth Chinese Brand Day in China, on May 9, Xinhua News Agency, China Brand Building Promotion Association, China Assets Appraisal Association, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council and other units held the "2021 China Brand Value Evaluation" at the Shanghai International Conference Center. Information Release and China Brand Building Summit Forum". In recent years, Fujian Changyuan Textile Co., Ltd. has actively practiced General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important narrative spirit of “promoting the transformation of Chinese manufacturing to Chinese creation, the transformation of China’s speed to Chinese quality, and the transformation of Chinese products to Chinese brands”. “Improve quality and create brand” as the main content of high-quality development direction, brand work has achieved remarkable results, brand awareness has been further improved, "2021 China Brand Value Evaluation Information Release", Changyuan Textile has a brand strength of 894 and a brand value of 3.330 billion yuan. No. 19 in the national textile, apparel, footwear and hat brands list It is understood that the China Brand Building Promotion Association is jointly initiated by five units including the State Administration for Market Regulation, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and China Central Television, and is the only brand value evaluation approved by the State Council and the Ministry of Civil Affairs. National social organization. The China Brand Building Promotion Association follows the international and national standards of brand evaluation, and adheres to the working principle of "scientific, fair, open and recognized". The brand value evaluation work for eight consecutive years has received more and more attention and recognition from all walks of life and is extremely authoritative Sex and fairness. Brand value is the most core part of brand management elements, and it is also an important symbol that distinguishes brand companies and their products from competing companies and their products. The core connotation of brand value is that the brand has "financial value" expressed in currency amounts, so that brand products can reflect their product value and brand added value in the market circulation process.  

[Gao Wu Jian Leng] Sun Ruizhe: Under the five new situations, grasp the new development direction of the textile industry in the "14th Five-Year Plan" period

2020 is an extremely difficult and extraordinary year. Faced with unprecedented environmental tests and development pressures, under the correct leadership of the Party Central Committee, the Chinese people have overcome difficulties and achieved decisive achievements in building a well-off society in an all-round way.

Changyuan Textile won the 2019 textile industry pilot demonstration enterprise

About the publication of China Textile Association "2019 textile industry intelligent manufacturing test Notice of the list of demonstration enterprises
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