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Cotton yarn diameter

The diameter of the cotton yarn helps to determine the density of the yarn composition of the fabric, or the coverage of a certain yarn to produce a fabric.

About the fineness index of the yarn

1. Inch count (Ne) - a multiple of 840 yards of a 1 pound weight yarn at a specified moisture regain, which means that 1 pound of yarn is exactly 840 yards long, 1 yarn, 1 pound weight. The length of the thread is 21 × 840 yards long, and the fineness of the yarn is 21, written as 21s. The inch count is a fixed weight system, so the larger the count, the finer the yarn. The British system is not a statutory yarn fineness index in China, but it is still widely used in enterprises, especially the cotton textile industry.

Basic knowledge of textiles

1. Cotton: Cotton fiber is the fiber covered by cotton seeds, referred to as cotton. The cotton fiber from which cottonseed is removed is called lint or raw cotton.
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